Ignite Minneapolis is an event of big ideas. Eighteen speakers stand up on a stage and in five minutes, pitch something that they are passionate about. With 20 slides, changing at 15 seconds each, every second counts. I got up on a stage in front of a sold out show of 1000+ people and spoke to them about how to train a fish.

I have been attending Ignite Minneapolis for a couple of years now and had always wanted to be a speaker, so when I decided to apply this spring and was accepted, I was thrilled!

Speaking at Ignite is known to be scary, but it’s also known to be incredibly rewarding. It was an amazing experience and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity.

Here is my talk!

The reviews are in!

“Learning about training a goldfish was the talk that stuck with me well after the evening was done. This isn’t because I want to train a fish, I don’t even own a fish, but because Gracie used her short 5 minutes as a personal brand-building moment. She demonstrated that she could think and communicate both verbally and visually in a distinctive, strategic way. She was smart, and inspired me to take advantage of every opportunity and show up in a way that is clever and uniquely you.” – @BeehivePR

“My new life goal is to have the patience required to train a fish. That talk rocked.” – @mollyschned

“As a fish owner, Gracie just changed my life.” – @Kelslundberg

“I bet Gracie’s beta fish is better trained and behaved than my 3 cats combined, none of which play soccer.” -@velvetjules

“WOW!  You are a natural.  I am blown away by your presence on stage. Congrats on your presentation and your very talented fish!” -@Gomez_Rick