Strengths Finder Strengths:

  1. Woo

  2. Communication

  3. Individualization

  4. Futuristic

  5. Achiever

who is gracie.png

Gracie McKinstry-Smith is bright, driven, and enthusiastic, known for activating creative ideas to make a positive impact and bringing joy to the people around her.

Through her six internships and three years at Target Corporation, she has developed skills in research, packaging, account planning, strategy, social media, digital marketing, public relations, project management, and design. Gracie enjoys working on strategic and creative initiatives to drive meaningful business impact. She shows up with high energy, positivity and the desire to always go the extra mile.

Gracie furthers her professional growth by regularly attending events put on by Ad Fed, Ad 2, Minneapolis MadWomen, and other local marketing/advertising organizations. She reads AdWeek, PSFK, Cassandra Daily, and other digital/innovation/creative blogs. When she’s not working, Gracie can be found supporting the Advertising Federation of Minnesota’s Ad 2 as their Past President, sending care packages to teens facing serious illnesses, traveling the globe, or exploring anything and everything in Minneapolis.