Ignite Talk: How to Train Your Pet Fish

Ignite Minneapolis is an event of big ideas. Eighteen speakers stand up on a stage and in five minutes, pitch something that they are passionate about. With 20 slides, changing at 15 seconds each, every second counts. I got up on a stage in front of a sold out show of 1000+ people and spoke to them about how to train a fish.


Finding Inspiration in Five Minutes of Fish Training

"Learning about training a goldfish was the talk that stuck with me well after the evening was done. This isn’t because I want to train a fish, I don’t even own a fish, but because @graciegalore24 used her short 5 minutes as a personal brand-building moment. She demonstrated that she could think and communicate both verbally and visually in a distinctive, strategic way. She was smart, and inspired me to take advantage of every opportunity and show up in a way that is clever and uniquely you."


#WhyAd2 with Gracie McKinstry-Smith

"Gracie McKinstry-Smith recently sat down with us at Ad 2 to chat about her career journey and experience in AdFed and on the board as the Mentorship Chair. As the temperatures rise, Gracie and the rest of the board are getting very excited for the events coming up in the next couple of months!"

Carlson School of Management When I Graduate...

Carlson School Undergraduate Program seniors discuss what life will bring after graduation in May 2015.

New Grads Look Forward to New Adventures


Meet five former Carlson roommates as they share what they loved most about their time as Carlson students and reveal what the future holds.

Southwest Journal: High school student helps the homeless

Gracie McKinstry-Smith was looking for something to do her in her spare time during her last summer vacation as a high school student.

Instead of honing her gaming skills or catching up on television, she decided to collect lightly used bedding items from area hotels and donate them to People Serving People (PSP), the largest family-focused homeless shelter in the state.

“We’re very fortunate to work with a lot of very caring volunteers, but the fact that she showed so much initiative and did it on her own was amazing,” Berg said. “It’ll have a huge impact for us.”