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When my work day is done, my passion projects begin. So far, I've lead a non-profit, launched a brand, guest blogged for my favorite influencer, and taught 1000+ audience members how to train a fish.

Ignite Talk

Ignite Minneapolis is an event of big ideas. Eighteen speakers stand up on a stage and in five minutes, pitch something that they are passionate about. With 20 slides, changing at 15 seconds each, every second counts. I got up on a stage in front of a sold out show of 1000+ people and spoke to them about how to train a fish.

My new life goal is to have the patience required to train a fish. That talk rocked.” – @mollyschned

“As a fish owner, Gracie just changed my life.” – @Kelslundberg

“I bet Gracie’s beta fish is better trained and behaved than my 3 cats combined, none of which play soccer.” -@velvetjules

“WOW!  You are a natural.  I am blown away by your presence on stage. Congrats on your presentation and your very talented fish!” -@Gomez_Rick

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Send Happy Vibes

Send Happy Vibes is a brand and passion project that I launched to send bright, mini care packages to chronically ill teenagers and young adults.

Studio DIY

After reaching out to her to introduce myself, Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY asked me to create a guest post for her blog.

I found the best art walls in Minneapolis for Studio DIY's "Wall Crawl" series.

President of Ad 2

As the President of AdFed's Ad 2, the subset for young advertising and marketing professionals, I lead a board of 20 young professionals, along with 40 volunteers to host ten events that provided education, networking, and mentorship opportunities to the advertising community.

Carmichael Lynch

As a Market Strategy Intern at Carmichael Lynch, I lead a thought leadership project: CL-FOMO, which provided clients and other readers with the latest in social media, technology, and pop-culture.